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When Trust Breaks Down

Shareholders disputes usually arise because business trust breaks down for some reason.

In any business, trust between its owners (shareholders) and its managers (directors/ partners) is obviously crucial to the success of the business; so what can you do when a shareholders dispute threatens that success and trust breaks down?

Well, the good news is that disputes between shareholders can often be sorted out quickly and constructively if you adopt the right approach.

We have a successful track record in negotiating settlements of shareholder disputes and partnership disputes. Our involvement can avoiding costly and time-consuming trials and so preserve the value and profitability of the business.

Winning the Boardroom Battle

Whether you are a minority or majority shareholder or a partner in a business, this site will provide guidance on the rights and remedies available when a shareholders dispute arises. It also provides information on share valuations and how shareholders disputes may be resolved (including “Alternative Dispute Resolution” such as mediation).

Grounds for Dispute

1 . Common Reasons for Shareholders Disputes

Disputes between shareholders arise for any number of reasons but it is not uncommon for the following issues to cause tension:

bullet point breach of directors’ duties
bullet point the company’s strategy & management
bullet point dividend policies
bullet point disparities between salaries
bullet point separate business interests
bullet point failure to provide financial, accounting and statutory information
bullet point exclusion from meetings
bullet point breaches of shareholders agreements/ partnership deeds

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Should any of the following apply to you, then please do contact us for an initial no obligation chat:

" I have a problem with the directors of a company "

" I have a problem with other Shareholders "

" I have a Shareholders' dispute "

" My share holders are acting unfairly "

" Shares - unfair treatment "

" I have an argument with my fellow Shareholders "

" Unfair treatment of Shareholders "

" Unfair prejudice to Shareholders "

" The Directors are acting unfairly "

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